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Cellulite and sagging skin are two inconvenient matters that bother many people.The appearance of both is directly linked to a breakdown of collagen and elasticity of the deep layers of skin, which oftentimes occurs due to hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, poor dieting, inactivity, and aging - our body's natural process. 

People of all body types and weights can get cellulite, so if you're feeling self-conscious over flaccid cellulite around your glutes and thighs, you must stop beating up yourself! As explained above, such a situation is more than normal, in fact it's already expected, especially within women due to the different fat, muscle, and connective tissue distribution.

Sadly there's no getting rid of it, BUT there are a few different ways to reduce it or prevent it from getting worse.

Best At-Home solutions:


The Body Fit cream minimizes the appearance of cellulite while making your skin smoother and firmer. Apply it in the morning or night after shower, with gentle soothing motions paying extra attention to the thighs, hips and buttocks. For all types of skin.

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 The ancient Ayurvedic practice that’s thought to have a number of benefits. It's an excellent method of body exfoliation effectively buffing off dead skin cells, and it also increases lymphatic drainage which helps releasing the body retained water and potentially improving the look of cellulite.

It’s best to use it before shower, as you’ll be lifting up dead skin cells that you'll likely want to wash off right after. The strokes should begin with medium pressure, you want to feel something happening without irritating the skin. Long or circular strokes are the best since you are trying to push up lymph fluid, and that requires a delicate and rhythmic touch. You'll also want to do each pass more than once and overlap sections while brushing.

Start with the front of your thigh then when you get to the back treat your booty as an extension of your thigh and continue upward onto your lower back. Showering is the best next step, to wash away all the dead skin cells and follow it with a moisturizer routine.

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Developed to perform the swirling massage, using intense, fast, repetitive movements, with the addition of cellulite remover creams or oils. The goal is to stimulate blood circulation, tone and firm skin, and promote tissue recovery.

 Roll it in an up-down direction for 5 minutes daily per targeted area to see results. If you’re new to using it, begin with gentle pressure, increasing intensity and duration over time. The body brush roller can be used dry or over a wet cloth, but we highly recommend its usage with a cream for an effective and self-care experience.

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Cupping is a traditional Chinese practice that creates suction over target areas of your skin, to increase blood circulation, reduce fluid build-up, and retention.
If you heard about this practice before, you should know that it often causes bruises, due to its suction. Practitioners believe that the red blood cells stimulated through suction, remain in areas that need healing. Therefore, to them bruises are just a diagnosis, so no one should be worried about that aspect.

First apply body oil or cream to your booty and thighs to facilitate the movement of the cups. Place the cup on the treatment area, squeeze and release. Move the cup using circular or back and forth motions for about 10 minutes per session. Cupping is perfect for reducing the look of cellulite and can be used on daily bases.

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For those who don't know, fascia is a continuous layer of connective tissue that covers all your muscles, bones, organs, and nerves. It’s mostly made of collagen, and it helps to give form to your body. 

A Myofascial release stick is a tool made to massage all over your body, one area at a time. This should loosen up the fascia and fat cells, generating many benefits that includes firmer skin and reduced cellulite. 

 There are few ways to use the release stick, but for this matter we recommend it after shower. You should apply oil or cream over the area you want to work on, then gently rub the release device on your skin in a scrubbing motion. Continue the motion for 30 to 60 seconds in each area.

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 Once again, be mindful that it is not possible to put an end to cellulite and flaccidity once and for all, but with the help of a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and regular massages, you can achieve great results. If anything, all these topical treatments offer a moment of self-care. Feeling good about the body you live in is always a goal worth achieving.

*Although, no one likes the uneven surface created by these two facts, cellulite and sagging skin is not harmful.



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