Workout with Emi - Its Time To Blossom!

Lets grow and blossom together!

This program begins on July 1st.

Nourish your body + mind and create a life that you love to live.

A healthy lifestyle is an ever-changing journey and a busy schedule can make exercising challenging, but for most of us, the biggest barriers are mental. Together we will take powerful steps to become the best version of yourself and build daily habits that will nurture your mind, body and soul.

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*Currently only available in Japanese* 

⌵ Program Goals:

In 4 weeks I will share with you my habits and tricks to stay positive, in shape and healthy. 

1- Creating new long lasting habits for a healthier lifestyle
2- Strengthening your body and mind with quick & effective daily exercises
3- Practicing healthy eating  
4- Boosting your confidence 
5- Relying on our support system 


Together we can grow stronger. 

⌵ Program Content:

- 4 weeks program with weekly live classes with Emi 

- Short and effective follow along videos divided by daily exercises and muscle groups with Emi + once a week Yoga with Ikemen sensei (english classes).

- 2 Q&A lives with Emi where you will have the chance to talk to her directly. 

- Daily reminders, accountability, inspirational and motivational support, tips for self-care and confidence boost, + any other support you might need.

- Mindful eating coaching with a detailed nutrition and meal preparation guide, lessons on how to make your very own Meal Plan and Dos and Don’ts of health.

Printable planner sheets such as meal planner, grocery list and habit tracker to help achieve your goals.


*Live classes and Q&As will be exclusively saved on the archive of our IG account for those who are not able to attend on the day.

⌵ How to Apply:

- Shop the monthly pass in here

- In your email inbox, you will receive a questionnaire form for you to fill out, please answer the survey and read your User's guide

-You can access this program even if you live outside of Japan, however, make sure there is no region restriction where you live in order to be able to watch our live classes.

⌵ What do you need?

- You will need an Iphone, Android, or Ipad to watch the LIVE classes. LIVE classes can not be watched on a computer, but the weekly video links can be watched on a computer, Iphone or Ipad via Youtube

- Mat and workout outfit. (shoes are optional)

- Resistance bands and dumbbells, however If you don’t have access to resistance bands or dumbbells, you can use bottles of water filled with rice instead. (2x500ml or 2x1L)

⌵ Terms of use for this program

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