Emi Renata's natural "GO-TO" favorite make-up items ✨
Who doesn't like to look beautiful and perfect without too much effort? Here you can find Emi Renata’s favorite make-up items and the reason why she recommends them so much!
In her recent make-up tutorial post shared by @emi_renata, Emi showed us another very handy way to prevent our foundation from sticking to baby hairs on our face using her brand new ER’s - Active Hair Band! ♡
《 Base makeup 》
The high-cover concealer, which adheres tightly with a single coat and covers bears and blemishes, not only covers your worries, but also makes your skin look minimal and attractive, and can be used as a retouch during the day to prevent dullness all day long. 
A concealer with a fresh and soft texture, resistant to sweat and moisture, and a very easy-to-use item that keeps your skin matte all day long and can be fully covered with a single application. 

《 Blush - Bronzer and Contour 》
A blush that gives the best luster that can be freely layered and blended. It is soft and easy to bleed, and gives a light and natural feeling from matte to shimmer with the finest silky smoothness and texture.
With a glossy texture and  brown-orange like color you can give a natural look if applied lightly, or a cheek-brush feeling if applied a little darker to make the orange color stand out. Very recommended for a touch of highlight kind of finish.
Thanks to this bronze powder, you can show off your beautiful golden skin all year round without spending a fortune on plane tickets. Hoola has a perfectly matte finish and is ideal for light contouring.
With a melting gel cream texture, this bronzer gives the skin a very natural, smooth, bright, deep luster and the good point of it is that it last for a long time.

《 Highlighters 》
A 2in1 function highlighter that can be used in two ways according to the makeup you want. I like it because it's liquid and can be easily used for the spots I need. It adds refined brightness to your usual makeup.
A matte shading stick that gives a bright and three-dimensional effect with highlights containing pearls. The perfect item for small face effects with natural shadows.
The texture of the powdered oil is creamy and easy to blend, and when it touches the skin, it has a soft focus effect for a perfect finish, making it the perfect item for all types of makeup.

《 Point makeup 》
Blow Ultra Fluffy: MAYBELLINE
From a fluffy gel to  powder, this eyebrow pencil makes it easy to create bushy eyebrows that look natural. It is a recommended item because it has a soft finish while being able to draw accurate eyebrows.
(brown color for eyebrows and black for eyelash) 
An oversized brush that coats each lash easily and evenly! For an attractive finish with deep volume.
Easy to apply and less likely to bleed! This is one of my long-time favorite eyeliner that can be easily off with just a bit of hot water.
This pencil allows you to beautifully outline your lips with a smooth and creamy touch.
You can get a natural-vivid impression with a single coat! Gotta have one!
While the oil moisturizes the lips, it softens it  and gives them a fresh care every time you use it.
Recommended as well for transparent lip makeup.
A retractable lip liner with a long-lasting, gel-cream texture that enhances the lip contour and gives that sexy touch we all want.



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