Emi Renata

Model and Fitness Instructor


Born and raised in Brazil, Emi Renata started modelling at the age of 14 and she moved to Japan at the age of 16. She established herself as a model and a public figure, has been the face of Japanese and other global brands, featured in magazine covers and have walked numerous shows.

Working as a model, she struggled with keeping her body in shape, coping with the pressure of the beauty standards imposed by fashion business and society, unpredictable traveling schedule and keeping a balanced and healthy mind. She tried doing group lessons and joining a gym but keeping a constant training routine was not easy. One day on a conversation with her mother, who was about 55 years old at the time and complaining of her back pain, her mother opened her eyes to the importance of taking care of our bodies not to meet beauty standards but to protect it from aging and from the consequences of our modern lifestyle. From there everything changed. She understood the importance of moving her body and of strengthening muscles, joints and bones. Working out became less about physical appearance, and more of a physical health as well as a mental challenge. The more she understood how the mind and body are connected the more she enjoyed it, the more her body and mind transformed the more her life changed. That is why she decided to go one step further and became a certified personal trainer. 

Although she loves to share workouts with her favorite tool - resistance bands, her goal is to help everyone to be the best version of themselves, to find a balance in the relationship of mind and body, and to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Modelling work

 ___ Magazines

YOLO.style vol.8 (cover), BAILA, 25ans, Oggi, CLASSY, August 2016 issue of GLITTER (cover), Eclat, Ito Fusho (cover) issue October 2014, Oggi China (Cover) issue October 2012, GLOW, DRESS, Marisol, Grazia, Ginger, FRaU, Anan, GINGER, MORE, GLAMOROUS,Training for Woman Vol.2, HOTEL WEDDING Vol.29 (Cover), CLASSY Wedding (cover), VOGUE TAIWAN, And GIRL, Regina, MISS, Beauty Momoka, GQ JAPAN, UOMO, Girl's Golf, BRIO (cover), Suirei Jinsho (Cover), THE COVER MAGAZINE (cover) etc...


___ Advertisements

Damiani campaign 2019.10/15-2020, The meets marina terrace 2019, UCHNO "Marshmallow logger pajamas" 2019.3/22-2020.5/31, kakimoto arms 2019, Instagram Campaign CALZEDONIA 2016, Intimissimi Oct- 2018, Nivea Body December 2015-November 2016 (Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan), Nivea Deodorant October 2015-September 2016 (Indonesia/Philippines),TOMMY HILFIGER Digital Campaign "TOMMY & TOMMY"  2015.9/18-10/2, JUN Co., Ltd. “NERGY” September 2015, Nivea Body Intensive Repair Serum SPF 25 (ALL) (Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Camboja, Myanmar OA) 2012, Thai Brandy Regency (CF) 2014, HAPPY POINT CARD (ALL) June 2012-March 2013, Renault Samsung Motors (CF) March 2011-June 2012, ABC MART (TV-CF) September 2010-March 2011, PEACH JOHN September, 2005, Platinum Guild International 200 August-December 2011, Pinky & Dianne, DRESS CAMP '10.AW Campaign, etc... 


___ Shows



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Fitness trainer profile

___ Certifications

-Certified Personal Trainer by ISSA (International Sports Science Association) 

-Pop Pilates Certified Instructor


 ___ Language skills

Japanese, English, and Portuguese.


___Fitness Events

Women's Health event November 28th, 2018

Women's Health (FNO) Day April 20th, 2019

Women's Health (FNO) Night April 20th, 2019

Lululemon event April 7th, 2019

Danskin Event May 18th, 2019

Midtown Yoga Park May 19th, 2019 

Miss Universe japan Semi finalists June 16th and 23rd, 2019

Mash wellness Wednesday July 3rd, 2019

Yoga Japan August 25th, 2019 

Konami Sports Osaka September 29th, 2019

H&M event October 26, 2019

Women's Health (FNO) November 2nd, 2019

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emi renataER's band

The Story so Far  _______________________________________    

ER was created to inspire and guide people that are too busy to go to the gym, but acknowledges the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, or working out is a second nature for you, with ER bands anyone can increase their fitness level and strength.

With a very busy schedule, in between fashion shootings, events and travels, Emi Renata, the founder, found it difficult to keep a workout regimen, sometimes with no access to gyms. Creating the ER's resistance bands has allowed her to workout anywhere anytime, which upgraded her body weight training with complete workouts and well as complementing her gym exercises. She has been working out with resistance bands for a while now, she created effective full body workout routines using nothing but your body weight and the bands and she simply loves the results. We truly hope that you will join us and live a more mindful and balanced life!