My favorite summer hairstyles!
It's hard to point out when exactly hair accessories began trending, but they’ve been having a comeback for a few years now. Despite the many different hair accessories trends out there, I personally love a cute and fun headband or bandana to complete my outfit during beautiful summer days. Ahead, check out some easy ways to use this trend without having to spend a lot of time to take your ponytail up a notch ;) 

From high to low pony, consider wearing a hair band simply tying it in place for an extra-cool look, that feels beachy and beautiful. Another way that I love is to bind a casual low braid hair with a light scarf - more than just finishing the look, it also serves as a solid option when your hair refuses to cooperate! You can use a pretty satin and organza hair band, headscarf, or easily use ribbons from any gift you’re given to embellish your hair :)

In the center picture above, I’ve twisted a front section of hair on the left and on the right into the center, then I tied it with an elastic first to help my hair accessories stay secure.

I love to play around with my headscarves. They’re adorable, chic and low-key at the same time, depending with the outfit you paired. Hope you’ve enjoyed my hairstyle inspos, but I encourage you to have fun and experiment with other forms too. It will certainly pay off! 





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