How to fight frizz on rainy, sticky, humid days!
Frizz, flatness, tangles, do these words sound familiar to you?
Let’s rain-proof your hair with some simple easy tricks to include in your daily routine. 
  First, you should know that the main cause of frizz is dehydration. The reason why frizz happens in the rain it's because moisture is getting into the hair structure and making the cuticle swell. When the cuticle swells up, the hair strands look bigger and unruly :(
So how to keep your hair soft and smooth?
  •  To get extra help in fighting the frizz, you should start the night before, If you know you are washing your hair when you wake up, try using a hair masque overnight, before twisting your hair into a bun to sleep and rinsing it out in the morning;
  • For days when you don't want to wash your hair, a good tip at night is to take a small amount of leave-in conditioner, apply evenly through damp hair, focusing on the ends. Again, twist your hair into a loose bun as you go to bed, so that when you release your locks in the morning you'll be left with hair that has frizz-free body and shine;
  • Use oil on wet hair before you blow dry your hair. It will act like a barrier in the hair structure;
  • Look for products with natural oil and keratin-based ingredients which help smooth the hair and lock in shine;
  • Use hydration mask 2 times a week after washing;
  • If your hair suddenly loses any natural volume due to climate humidity, dry shampoo can give that instant injection of life. The travel size ones are perfect for the girl-on- the-go!
All that said, you must avoid heavy products, after all shiny natural hairs has movement ;)
Some of my favorite hair products ↓

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